I am a nerd who has long marveled at the vast cosmos we inhabit and long possessed a voracious appetite for stories. After initially being deterred by The Phantom Menace, my childhood imagination was drawn to a galaxy far, far away and its long-past adventures. In high school, when not solving Rubik’s cubes/pyramids/dodecahedrons or playing in the marching band, I could reliably be found with my nose in a book, reading anything from Stephen Hawking to Doris Kearns Goodwin to Ray Bradbury. As an undergraduate, my interests in outer space and stories turned into an aerospace engineering major and a history minor. Consequently, I had the good fortune to discover the history of technology, which led me to graduate school, and I now have a master’s degree in the history of science.

All that studying to become a scholar doesn’t always leave much time for reading for fun. This blog is my scheme to motivate myself to make time to read and watch science fiction and perhaps reconnect with the inner nerd that wondered at life, the universe, and everything.